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Finding Lotus


Finding Lotus

Jordan Thackray

 Photo: Josh Raymond

Photo: Josh Raymond

I've just got back from a nice summer adventure overseas where I got to meet great new people, catch up with wonderful friends, see wild new places and take some really wonderful and incredibly challenging yoga classes. I guess its time I get this blog under way then isn't it? Apologies in advance to the grammar police. I will do my best.

I'm back in Sydney and I'm freezing. I am staying with a good friend while I wait to re-occupy my home as I sub-let my place while I was away. I didn't pack for winter though, in my mind I was going away for winter, and when I came back I imagined the cold would be gone. This is a good insight into how I like to see things. I'm so optimistic that I believe I don't need to check the weather or look at calendars. Things just work out for me and I just have a way of landing on my feet. That is all well and good, and according to the law of attraction, the only way to attract success. However sometimes it pays to plan. But I have found a cozy heater and a nice cafe to sit down and write about where I'm at.

So there is a lot going on back at home and in the world. I don't like to focus on anything negative as I don't find it constructive, but unless you live under a rock, one can't not be aware of the horrible things going on. It is overwhelming! I know I contribute to the wellbeing and health of all my students and the people I inspire through my yoga practice, but I can't help but want to do more! I'm a bit lost, the yoga "community" is constantly challenging me and making me ask if i have a place amongst it. I often feel like I can't compete, thats probably because I don't want to compete. When did it all get so competitive anyway? I obviously love yoga but FindingLotus is so much more than just the Asana practice. I want it to be so many wonderful things. A lotus, after all, has a million petals.

Like everything, these feelings of drifting and questioning my worth ebbs and flows, coming in and out like waves testing me, my purpose and my authenticity. I am hoping the life of FindingLotus can impact the world in a positive way - there is so much that needs a voice and action. There are so many inspiring people doing wonderful things. I keep asking myself "What can I do? and How can I do it?" Most of us have heard the quote "be the change you wish to see in the world." Yes, yes, yes this is the way, but how can I be the change for the poor people drowning in boats off Australian shores, the change for people in countries who are now being humiliated, abused, tortured, imprisoned and even killed over who they want to love? how Can I be the change for the children that go hungry, while the wealthy manipulate the media that they own! to benefit only their agenda! ($$$) and what about the environment and its innocent inhabitants impacted daily by our constant unsustainable lust for consumption. Ahh like Michael and Janet it all Makes. Me. Wanna. Scream! Its so overwhelming! I do not claim to have the answers. But like my dad always says “If you don't ask, you don't get. So I'm asking. What can I do?"

The Yoga practice allows me the space to relieve myself of these overwhelming feelings, through introspection and pratyahara, (the withdrawal of my senses) I teach myself to walk on the sand and leave barely a footprint, to find Atman (my true self) as the Lotus adding to the good in this world.

The Lotus Flower lives amongst the dirty murky waters in the lake, yet somehow it manages to rise up and bloom untouched, perfect, strong, delicate and pure. But I do wonder if the Lotus spends any time while growing, feeling overwhelmed and challenged by its surroundings? Does he try to change the mud or help the plants who can't survive in the murky water? Does he try to stop the fish from eating the mosquito or does Lotus simply not look at the calendar, and the weather? Does he just allow and trust. Does he just feel his way to the top in his own good time?

I guess the murky water, the mud, the fish and the mosquito have their place and are an important part of nourishing the soul of Lotus, and after all the contrast, is what makes it all so beautiful. So by Finding Lotus I have planted a seed. I'm watering it and I'm still looking. I am asking a question. Inspiring others to selflessly make themselves the best they can be, and in doing so cultivating the collective consciousness to impact the world by being the change, by allowing the contrast, content in the trust that the universe has it all under control.

Our role is simply to be our best self, treading lightly as we walk our path on this earth. Understanding with empathy that to have the good in this world we need the bad. Action does speak far louder than words, so instead of preaching and fighting ignorance, instead of using violence with words against violence of ignorant actions, we can instead rise above. Asking a new question. Not 'how can I change them?, the mud, the fish, the mosquito and the murky?' Not "how do I make them all see?" Instead in FindingLotus we ask "how can I change? How can I evolve so that I might see?"

Lotus believes the solution to any problem is rarely found on the same level as the problem. So rise up FLY PEEPS, sit content above the murky, as Lotus and show other seeds FindingLotus how.

Peace Out J-Dog