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Fly Faces


Fly Faces

Jordan Thackray

 Photo: Josh Raymond

Photo: Josh Raymond

I started my day extra early, 4:30am! I agreed to cover a couple of classes for a colleague with a fractured knee. By the end of the day I had managed to teach 5 yoga classes, I decided to balance things out and get myself on the mat in a class. I went to one of my favorite teachers and my great Friend David Mansfield at Yoga Village. David has this wonderful ability to be very quiet, very calm, and strong, all at the same time. He challenge's me in the ways I need challenging. I love his classes he sets a pace that encourages patience and allows time; he has a delivery that is knowledgeable, detailed and precise without talking too much and has a sweet cheeky sense of humor.

After my long day of running from Bondi to the city and back again, I was on the mat. With David’s guidance I was completely submerged in this moving meditation. We had made our way to the tale end of the class, my gas tank was on the red and I was fading. The poses were becoming more challenging and the holds seemed to go on forever! 'Bloody YIN!' I was saying in my head. I was still, loving the class, in my mind there are no bad lessons, just bad attitudes, but through fatigue my attitude was being tested.

As the class began to challenge me and my stamina began to waiver, the most wonderful thing started to happen. Every time I thought I was going to break, I began to have visions of faces, faces of my students, the faces of dedication, the faces of determination and the faces of acceptance. The faces of complete love and FLY intention!

I won’t name names, but I saw clearly the faces of my FLY peeps. The faces of the guys and girls who come along with super tight hamstrings, the faces of students with severe arthritis. The faces of the emotional lower back pain, the faces going through illness and emotional grief, the faces of the mothers and mothers to be, the faces with the stories that I have been blessed to play a part in.

These clear visions of faces gave me so much more strength; filled my heart and my practice with purpose they inspired me to just keep breathing.

'These people believe in me, I love and respect these people, so they must be onto something, so just keep breathing Jordan. Just feel this. Just do it. You are blessed."

Now don't get me wrong I’m so in love with Balasana (child's pose) and I'm the first to go there when I truly need it. I'm an advocate of surrender, the practice is here to give you time, to be exactly as you are, on any given day, its not competitive or forceful. Its not competitive with our neighbors and especially not competitive with our selves. However the practice is a chance to explore these boundaries and jump the fence occasionally into new unexplored territory, to feel, to see.

So this is my simple blog. It is a Thank You! It is my admiration and my complete bliss!

My life is about the faces I encounter and the stories behind them. Today’s lesson was that behind every face, there have been many long days, but these faces show up. They show up with a smile and they give it their best. Which like Yoga is all, my Mum ever asked.

So a big thank you to all your faces you know who you are! I love teaching you yoga, because of your beautiful face!

Peace Out J-Dog