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Finding an easy seat

Jordan Thackray

 Photo: Josh Raymond

Photo: Josh Raymond

(Haven't posted in ages, I wrote this in October last year, In truth I got lost for a little while, but luckily sometimes when we are lost we find the most amazing things.)

It is often easy to stay or be in things for comfort and convenience. But it's important to note that nothing is as comfortable or as convenient, as knowing yourself.

Material possessions, superficial relationships, work that pays ok but is unsatisfying, art work that sells but has no depth. These things can give temporary comfort, can allow us a superficial convenience. However the creative and knowledgeable can quickly learn that convenience can be a trap of uninspired sameness. True convenience resides in consciousness, a place of pure, inspired creativity and freedom.

To have the strength to work against the grain and towards inspired creativity, consciousness and enlightenment that exists and only needs to be noticed through awareness to self is to me the purpose of life and the art of truly knowing yourself.

This awareness and knowing your true self doesn't always make you the most fashionable, the most famous, the richest person with the shiniest of things. It may not even make you the most 'liked'. But we can learn time and time again in life's journey that the best things in life are free.

With knowing and purpose, your direction is simple. A direction of life lived in non-harming, in non-judgment, in truth and creation, will allow you to reside in a place of abundance and contentment, but don't be fooled to believe this will always be found in a comfortable and convenient place. The truth is that comfort is often found in the most inconvenient of places..... yourself.

Sometimes looking at ourselves beneath the illusion of the physical can be very confronting, can be very uncomfortable. But remove the pre-conceived ideas you have about yourself and/or the situation you’re in, then you will find things to be very simple and with that simplicity all you need do is sit there and smile at it. Smile with the confidence to see the perfection in you and all that is around you. In presence you can find this comfort at any moment, in any situation be it comfortable and convenient or not.

If we take time to find this comfortable seat and practice this during our time here in this physical world, while we enjoy and are blessed with the gift of life. We might save ourselves from being confronted one day at the most inconvenient and possibly uncomfortable of places.

Nothing would be as inconvenient or as uncomfortable as getting to your death bed (the final destination on this earth for us all) and thinking to yourself

'Did I add to the world or did I just take?'

I hope your answer at this time will lift you to ultimate comfort and convenience.

Peace Out Jordan