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Jordan Thackray

 नमस्ते Photo: Josh Raymond

Photo: Josh Raymond

Lately..... quite often, I'm reduced to tears by the people who show up on mats in front of me. 

They turn up from all walks of life, they show up (whether they are aware of it or not) with devotion, going through all kinds of things on their journey. They come along with their challenges, their illness, ailments, health, heartache, their joy their bliss! 

With their own reasons they come to have me share the little I know about this rich well that is a yoga practice! 

The feeling behind my tears is of sincere abundance and a hint of humility with me questioning my own worth in this role. 

I can't quite explain, but it's such a powerful feeling, sometimes I think I could burst! So instead I cry ha ha 

So to anyone I have ever guided through their practice or inspired on their path! Thank you! from the bottom of my heart, with all my tears! you inspire me and fill me with a this rich sense of infinite purpose!!! I am truly grateful.